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#Day 13 Crawling outside my Comfort Zone 

No matter how slow you think you are progressing, you are still overtaking everyone on the couch. #trainingmotto

 Day 13…… Unlucky for some

Today was full of barriers, self doubt, hurdles, my mind mixed with circumstances was screwing with me. Dramatic? Not today…. first my car was playing up – no problem will plan my journey and get the train *shudder*, then the bus to take me to the station did not turn up meaning I missed the desired train. Still workable, will reroute and take a later train from a different station….. get to station with seconds to spare and confused lady with buggy blocks my path and I miss the train!!

Right I’m sweating now, hair is frizzing, the air is thick with not a whisper of wind to cool me down. I’m ready to give up – call it a day and head back home. Everything is telling that this course is not meant for me – my business partner can’t come, I don’t wanna be late and I cant seem to get there!

I call my mate as I head back down the station stairs, explain the situation and she scoffs at me “Is that all it takes to give up? This is what happens outside your comfort zone…. go …. be amazing, if it’s this hard it will be worth it” So I turn on my heels, get the next scheduled train 5 minutes later and by God’s grace get there with 10 minutes to space #gofigure

The training session is about public speaking and anyone that knows me , knows I can talk for Britain but put me face to face with a “real professional / expert” or in front of a big group and I’m useless. Within the first 5 minutes the trainer explains that this is an interactive session and we will be doing most of the talking. I look around the room at all these confidence, professional women with business cards placed in plain sight ready for networking…. I shrink into my seat but as we are taught tips, tricks, share stories and gain structure. I’m ready to get in the thick of it and change the world !!

Under normal circumstances I would not have even entered the room but today just felt different, I feel the accountability of the blog also helped. What would I present if I had not attended? Excuses make us lose our authenticity but the truth is also not a great show of character if we do not try.

Needless to say my pitch was pants but it was an amazing starting point, I met some amazing women, learn something new about myself and my project ….. it was an all round win.

They say the magic happens outside of your comfort zone and I’m inclined to agree

Today was magical .


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