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#Day 14 Riding the wave 

Today’s blog post will be short and sweet

I’m still riding the wave of yesterday’s taste of what success could be like. I woke up with so much energy that I had to create a todo list to transform it into something practical and surprisingly I got stuff done.

It funny how one small thing can really push you towards your potential – *self belief*

I updated all my social media for my project, tweeted and retweeted until I upped my followers (success). I paid bills, spend some quality time with my daughter – which ultimately is what weekends are about and was even able to tackle the small tree in my garden that my gran has been fussing about (cut back, cut down before it ruined the house 🙄) 

All in all I would say that positive energy is transferable from day to day and having the right attitude definitely helps get things done. 

You can not get positive results with a negative mind #me

Roll on tomorrow!! 


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