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#Day 15 Something new

I’m trying to remain focused on my bubble….. not let outside influences blur my vision.

But I spent the morning in bed, feeling a little drained (unsure why?) So I’ve made the conscious effort to get up, get dressed and…. bake ! (Baking has always been my escape)

Today I made something new – a Jamaican spiced bun…. two in fact (one in bread maker and the other was oven baked) and they were delicious…. I’ve been nibbling all afternoon. 

Had a chat with my close mate today, she made me realise the benefits of blogging and how therapeutic it has been for me, it also has given me a sense of accountability in terms of making every day count so that I have something to blog about but most importantly she confirmed what I also ready knew…. duvet days aren’t always a bad thing 

In her words “Even doctors prescribe BED REST” 

Reading back through my last few posts I notice the rollercoaster of emotion and that although I’ve felt very alone, simply extending my hand and reaching out to my mates could have made the much needed difference. Basically even when we feel very alone, it’s because we have wandered off …… alone and we are still loved even when we feel empty.

Friends are the family we chose – and I would chose her over and over again xx 


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