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#Day 16 And she’s back ?

Today was all about glimpses of the past

After a rollercoaster of emotions this week, I am faced with the opportunity to go out and let my hair down. But in true “ME” style, I turn down the opportunity !

Is this the return of the old me? Did I ever leave, let alone – return?

I just know that as I sat on the sofa contemplating the prospect, it just felt like too many steps ever required (get up, get ready, find something suitable to wear, make it there… etc ….etc). The easy option was to decline and stay in my safe spot.

Not sure if my reluctance to move means I’ve slipped off the motivation wagon but I do know that sometimes I just wanna do nothing but sit home and chill. Although thanks to what can only be described as “sour grapes” (literally) the day has not been completely stress free. My stomach has been turning and the loss of liquid has been painful – maybe subconscious I knew my belly would be bad. It would have been ten times worse if I was out with my mates too

I’ve been attacking the hot water, in an attempt to curb the pain. This may be my comeuppance for exaggerating I’ll health when asked if I was coming. Not one to be a liar – my body is responding 😩

Next week is gonna be so busy – a little peace and quiet can’t hurt.


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