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#Day 18 Happy Hair day

Patience was tried and tested today….. When every plan you make turns on its head sometimes it’s better to stand still and let the situation play out. 

Was feeling like pants this morning, I wake up so early but do not have the motivation to get out of bed and go for a walk…. it was one of my New Years resolutions and 6 months in I’m still hitting the snooze button. 

To cheer myself up, I sit in front of the mirror and do my make up, no particular reason other than hoping that looking pretty will make me feel better. I was half way there but once I had my hair done….. (birthday hair) …. I was feeling on top of the world.

It’s nuts how just changing your hair can have such a positive impact. 

I’m fully feeling myself now….. gosh I’m knocking myself for being so shallow but after a quick selfie photo shoot in the car, I’m ready to face the world…. it’s just a pity it is so late at night… #daydone 

Tomorrow I start #FLY30 – a month of living fearlessly…. can’t wait !! 


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