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#Day 19 Disappointed 😔 

Today the sun naturally woke me up at 6pm and for the first time in ages I felt motivated. 

My plan was to start everyday with a quick walk (roughly 2km) and some “prime time” (will explain that later….)

I was in an amazing mood, I didn’t rely on others to motivate me to get up and out of bed. I just knew it was make or break for me – 1st day of the month, such a good way to begin. It was also lovely outside which helped. 

Throughout the day I have felt unstoppable, ready to fulfil my potential…. getting ready to be the best version of me come my birthday – the countdown has officially begun. 

But true to form, my surroundings are tilting in a different direction. 

Sometimes I just feel like for every step I take forward, something will happen to create a negative spin. Today it was a reoccurrence of a situation that I have discussed previously, I’ve explained my concerns but realise it has fallen on deaf ears. 

With the mindset that I can only manage my own emotions and reactions I decide not to rise and go to bed early.

Tomorrow is another day…… 

For those interested in a positive mindset.

Prime time: (based on To y Robbins method) 1 minute Deep breathes , 3 minutes Showing gratitude – for me it’s praying and thanking God for my blessings, 3 minutes Praying for my family, friend, work colleagues or people you meet through the day and finally 3 minutes Focusing on 3 main outcomes for the day – what does that look like to you … etc


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