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#Day 20 Birthday weekend

You know you’re getting old when your not counting down the days till your birthday with weekends upon weekends of celebrations planned and subtle as a sledgehammer comments in every conversation.

Instead unless it’s considered one of the significant birthdays, it’s a quiet affair / intimate meal or sit down event. This…. is one of those and to make matters more interesting, Mother Nature is unable to decide if she will be visiting. so I have the mood swings, cramps and lack of patience to also contend with.

It is also the grazing to o close of this blogging series…. what a rollercoaster ride that had been? I didn’t realise how emotional I was until I started to read back. Wow 

I was up ready ready to do my 2.5km this morning and was joined by my other half. It was a chance to really talk without the distraction of technology or the kids. I think it’s often what’s missing #communication, it’s so vital to keeping everyone uptodate and avoiding crossed wires.  Had to do my priming later in the day but it’s a challenge that I have set for myself and currently I’m 2/2. 

Can I get up and walk on my birthday?? Now that would be great 


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