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#Day 21 We made it….. 

So this one is the last of this series #21 Days blogging….. we made it (thanks to those that have regularly read and like them) 

I wake with mixed emotions….. Today is my birthday 🎉 ………. and it’s also the day that another tragedy has taken place in London. 

It’s soooo sad and scary at the same time. I work round there, have had courses in that very area and can think of more than one night when I have casual walked down those very streets on a Saturday night. Its not happening from in a far away country, it’s on my doorstep!! 

There’s just so much tension now because it becomes more real, the footage and first hand accounts are by people like us, it’s not called a TERROR ATTACK  for nothing. My heart is heavy!!

On another note, last night I was digging my heels in….. my birthday was cancelled. I have no car as it broke down on Saturday and I was frustrated as I had so much planned. My family however, had different plans and made sure that the day did not pass me by. 

In the bigger scheme of things my worries are small and fixable in comparison. 

It really made me thing about all the things that I take for granted. It gives extra meaning to taking the time to appreciate my loved ones, tell them you love them and make sure that each last interaction is positive, because you really don’t know when you walk out the door whether you or your loved ones will return 

I guess the message is LOVE!! 

I will continue to blog but it won’t be daily unless my brain is too full and requires an outlet. 

Have a blessed day guys, be brave, be fearless….. be loving. 

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