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Just go 

Do you ever just wanna get in your car and just go?? 

With no location in mind, just drive away….. maybe it's the fight or flight theory in action but I've noticed this feeling has been creeping in more and more. 

I go from being wound so tight that my attitude towards life becomes painful to complete reluctance to cooperating because I know it's not being done my way in my timeframe – YES, I see the control freak elements of that sentence but I also know that most of what I do is not for my own direct benefit. That's why it's fustrating 

I wonder whether my real issue is communication, maybe I'm not expressing myself in a way that motivates those around me to fulfil the required tasks or maybe my levels of expectation is just too high…. I don't know 

What I do know is that something needs to change – this is not healthy 


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