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Who are you ? 

Has anything ever happened in your life that makes you question who you are?? 

I mean really rocked your core and changed your preception or question your identity 

Is this because we benchmark ourselves against our surroundings, judge our character on those closest to us? 

I'm so unsure , because who I was two weeks ago is not who I am today, through no fault of my own, not because of my actions but because what I believed to be my foundation has changed and with it my moral compass and identity.

It's kind of unfair

I'm completely unprepared for this change and with it comes a different view on those around me. They are different because I am different.

Hard to explain but it raises the question of what makes us, us? 

Until this point I thought the only thing that could change me was me but now I know that it's so much more complex than that. 

So I start this journey again, like a teenager navigating life – I try to find / define myself 


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